Houston Chronicle reports on John Cockerill’s entry into the US hydrogen market

John Cockerill President Americas Nicolas de Coignac at Houston Hydrogen Hubs

October 03rd 2023

As John Cockerill sets up in Houston (Texas) and enters the US hydrogen market, the Houston Chronicle mentioned our Group’s technological leadership in the energy transition. The Texan newspaper explains in an article: “The energy transition has accelerated in the Houston area in the past year as companies expand their presence in the region and plan new projects for solar, wind, hydrogen and carbon capture technologies”.

The journalist identifies several factors: the region’s place as the center of the United States energy industry, the existing infrastructure for transporting, refining and storing energy, the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 and the incentives it created for clean energy projects.

Among the experts interviewed, John Cockerill President Americas Nicolas de Coignac says “IRA has made the U.S. more attractive to international investors, particularly when it comes to hydrogen projects”. Already present in Salem (Ohio) and Erie (Pennsylvania), John Cockerill recently entered the U.S. hydrogen market and chose Houston for its American headquarters. “The IRA provides a stable framework for lasting investments in green hydrogen. That, coupled with Houston’s existing industry infrastructure and the support of groups like the Greater Houston Partnership, has made Houston very attractive for the company to be a long-term local player. The IRA is providing a straight-forward path for us to do just that—establish a local presence in Houston where we can build a resilient supply chain, provide service to our local customers, and become part of the larger community,” explains Nicolas de Coignac.

The article published in the Houston Chronicle also presents a series of other impacts of the IRA on renewable energy projects, such as solar, or CO2 capture, and on the establishment in the Houston region of companies active in the energy transition. Click here to read the detailed article.

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