HaYrport: Liege Airport and CMI working on a hydrogen solution for green mobility

HaYrport: Liege Airport and CMI working on a hydrogen solution for green mobility

July 05th 2018

Liege Airport and CMI are beginning a collaboration with a view to equipping the airport with installations for production, distribution, and the use of green hydrogen. Hydrogen is a solution of the future enabling 100% clean mobility. On the airport site, it can be utilised in different ways, particularly through hydrogen distribution stations which can be used to power both the airport’s own vehicle fleet and also vehicles from the exterior. This is the ‘HaYrport’ project.

Hydrogen can be produced by a totally clean process. Used in a vehicle to supply a fuel cell, it replaces petrol or diesel. The fuel cell powers the vehicle’s electric engine, emitting only pure water, and thus producing zero noxious emissions.
The collaboration between Liege Airport and CMI is aiming to put installations for production, distribution and the use of green hydrogen on the airport site. The hydrogen has to be produced by a water electrolysis process, with the aid of green electricity. The ‘HaYrport’ project includes making use of the hydrogen produced to power the fleet of vehicles of the airport and of local interested institutions and companies, which use a captive fleet or a system of shuttles. The project should also enable heat given out by the electrolysis to be recuperated, in order to complete the energy needs of the existing buildings of Liege Airport.

The first phase of the project – the technical feasibility study and possible outcomes – has started within Liege Airport. The results of this study are expected by the end of the year

Luc Partoune, CEO of Liege Airport: “We are ambitious, both in terms of the environmental aspect and the mobility aspect. This project in partnership with CMI is promising, as it responds, in an innovative and ecological manner, to the needs of Liege Airport and the cargo community”.

João Félix da Silva, President of CMI Industry: “It is with a great deal of pride that we are starting this project which constitutes a solution of the future for mobility. It is the first in Wallonia aiming to create entirely clean mobility around Liege Airport. CMI knows hydrogen within the framework of its conception of industrial processes. With the HaYrport project and the MiRiS project involving the storage of green energy, which currently represents an investment of 10 million Euros underway in Seraing, CMI is resolutely positioning itself as a major player in the domain of the energy transition”.