From Wet Flux to Galvalum Galvanizing : the upgraded line for a Nepali steelmaker produced its first sellable coil on the day of the Hot Run Trial

October 06th 2021

John Cockerill finalized the revamping of a Nepali steelmaker’s Wet Flux Galvanizing line to a high-performance Galvalume Line. Initially supplied in 2005 by John Cockerill India, the upgraded line is now running at a speed of 100mpm and produces 12MT/hr of coated steel strip.

The line is designed for full hard (FH) and commercial quality (CQ) grades merely used for roofing. It produces strip thicknesses ranging from 0.10 to 0.50 mm and widths ranging from 610 to 1250 mm. Coated with a 55% AL-ZN Coating the produced anti-finger-print steel strip is providing both highest surface quality and corrosion protection. It therefore did not come as a surprise that the revamped line produced its first sellable coil directly on the day of the Hot Run Trial.

Towards a more sustainable steel production

What is more, with the upgradation the client has made a considerable step towards a more sustainable steel production, as the use of harmful substances such as lead metal, wet flux (ammonium chloride + zinc chloride) and HCL (hydrochloric acid) has been eliminated.

With the housing market booming in Nepal, the extensive line modifications provided by John Cockerill India, including the addition of a new Furnace Section, the replacement of the Zinc Pot & Bath Equipment as well as the Chemical Coater and the upgrading of the Cooling Tower section, our Indian colleagues have helped the client o increase its market share both in its domestic market and neighbouring countries.

This is the second such comprehensive revamping project successfully executed by our Indian hub in recent years. A project that is highlighting that for the Indian sub-continent’s steelmakers quality and durability have become of increasing importance.

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