First Sino-Belgian Green Energy Day

Délégation de CMI avec l’ambassadeur de Belgique en Chine, Marc Vinck (3ème à gauche)

October 30th 2018

China that today claims to have abandoned its obsession with mere growth, and to be focused on quality, technology upgrades and clean industry, is looking for change for the better.  As a provider of sustainable solutions, CMI GROUP has been invited to present its latest developments in this field at the “First Sino-Belgian Green Energy Day”, organized by the Belgian Embassy in Beijing on October 18th.

For the event, Belgian companies like VITO, Hinicio, Energy Vision, and CMI’s Energy, Environment and Industry Sectors have come together to present their “Green Solutions”. For CMI this translated into the presentation of projects such as its MiRIS energy storage project, its Huaxi solar project, the Green H2 for mobility project and CMI’s waste recycling solutions (NESA Solutions) that are to help reduce the country’s pollution and to optimize its energy structure. Highly appreciated by the high-ranking attendees of the event, all of these projects recently developed by the CMI Group, are providing answers to the preoccupations of an increasingly “Green China”.