Strengthening Bonds: Consulate General of Belgium visits John Cockerill India’s workshop at Taloja

Consulate General of Belgium visits John Cockerill India’s Workshop at Taloja

September 16th 2023

Welcoming the Consulate General of Belgium Frank Geerkens to John Cockerill’s Indian workshop in Taloja was indeed a privilege! This visit falls within the framework of the close bilateral relationship between Belgium and India, particularly in industrial collaboration and innovation. Accompanied by the Trade & Investment Commissioner-First Secretary Consulate General of Belgium in Mumbai, Emmanuelle Timmermans, the Consulate General took a comprehensive visit of our manufacturing workshop and its advanced processes technologies.

A visit highlighting the importance of John Cockerill’s presence in India

Helmed by Vivek Bhide, Regional President, in charge of John Cockerill’s Indian activities and Michael Kotas, Managing Director of John Cockerill India Limited, our teams in Taloja had the privilege to participate in an inspiring exchange, engage meaningful discussions and explore new opportunities with the Consulate General’s delegation.

This visit emphasized the significance of John Cockerill’s presence in India and stands as a testament to the worth of international partnerships and the potential that arises when expertise and talent converge.

John Cockerill India provides high standard solutions at competitive prices

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Consulate General of Belgium for having invested their time in exploring our workshop and our state-of-the-art equipment enabling our Group to deliver competitively priced, top-notch solutions to our global clientele and constituting a considerable strategic advantage for John Cockerill’s development in India and abroad. Here’s to the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and friendship between Belgium and India!