Cockerill Jingli Hydrogen, world leader in hydrogen, inaugurates its new production center at Suzhou (China)

Cockerill Jingli Hydrogen

November 22nd 2019

On November 22nd, Cockerill Jingli Hydrogen inaugurates its new production center at Suzhou (China) in the presence of Walloon Minister for the Economy Willy Borsus. This center, with a surface area of over 18 000 m², increases the production capacity to 350 mW of production of electrolyzers annually and enables even more highly performing manufacturing processes to be integrated. Cockerill Jingli Hydrogen, created in 2019 by the joint-venture between Suzhou Jingli Hydrogen (SJH) and John Cockerill, is world leader in the supply of equipment for the production of hydrogen by water electrolysis.

The production capacity of the new Cockerill Jingli Hydrogen installations will gradually be brought up from 350 mW to 500 mW of production of electrolyzers annually.

With two sites already equipped with electrolyzers capable of producing 1000Nm3/h and another to come for 1500Nm3/h, Cockerill Jingli Hydrogen is resolutely positioning itself as a specialist in large scale electrolyzers. This is the only type of installation, which enables hydrogen to be produced at a competitive cost, and which thus constitutes an adequate response to the development of decarbonized large scale hydrogen production channels, required, for example, for mobility and industrial applications, with the injection of hydrogen into the gas networks.

It will be recalled that Cockerill Jingli Hydrogen combines the expertise of SJH and its more than 1,000 references, with the industrial anchorage of John Cockerill throughout the world. This association with a major Chinese player in the domain of hydrogen generators by water electrolysis completes the Belgian-French capacities of John Cockerill on the hydrogen market.

Jean-Luc Maurange, CEO of John Cockerill : “With Cockerill Jingli Hydrogen, John Cockerill is today world leader in the supply of overall solutions allied to green hydrogen. It is our ambition to bring to market innovative solutions which respond to the needs of our times, and to offer to companies and the public alike, green and sustainable solutions for mobility and soft transport. This development in hydrogen is in line with the strategic orientations which we have set ourselves. It perfectly illustrates the capacity of John Cockerill to innovate and to diversify its activities into new promising markets.”