CMI to supply a continuous annealing line for the production of tinplate to JSW, Tarapur, India

CMI to supply a continuous annealing line for the production of tinplate to JSW, Tarapur, India

July 20th 2016

The Indian steel company, JSW Steel Ltd. is one of India’s leading integrated steel manufacturers, and part of JSW Group, itself present in over 100 countries across five continents. Its Indian subsidiary, JSW Steel Coated Products Ltd. has placed an order with CMI Industry Metals, for the supply of a continuous annealing line (CAL) to be erected in the JSW works in, Tarapur. This new line will produce 208,000 t/y of steel substrate for tinplate, which will then be electroplated and used as packaging material.

The new high-quality line is to help JSW to improve its competitive position and to capture additional market share, in a growing domestic tinplate business. With this order JSW underlines its commitment to enhance its share of highly attractive specialized areas of application, like the packaging steel sector.

The new CAL comprises two major surface processing steps: cleaning and annealing,  allowing the compliance of the produced strip with the material and surface properties necessary for the subsequent processing. An outstanding feature of the line is, that it can reliably process very thin strips (down to 0.14 mm) under stringent quality demands and at high speeds. The process thus runs continuously at 400 m/min, while the entry and exit sections reach 500 m/min.

The supply scope includes all essential components of the annealing line designed by CMI, such as the two pay-off reels, a roller-seam welding machine, multi-stage cleaning section, vertical entry accumulator, low-energy annealing furnace (incl. CMI’s patented Blowstab® cooling system), exit accumulator and inspection stand, rotary shear and two tension reels.

The line is designed for strips in the thickness range between 0.14 mm and 0.6 mm in widths of 650 to 1,250 mm, and is to produce a wide variety of grades, ranging from the T1 grade, for which the new line provides a very low aging index, that is required for some of the incoming material, like ultra-low carbon or IF steel, to grades like T2, T2.5, T3, T4, and T5.

The new tinplate CAL is scheduled to start production in the first half of 2018.