CMI shocked by repeated attacks on its integrity

May 09th 2019

Following the articles published in the press, here is the official CMI press release.

After discovering yesterday through the press that militant organizations reportedly lodged a criminal complaint against it last month in the Liège courts for “illegally” exporting military equipment to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the CMI Group would like to inform the following facts:

– As of May 9, 2019, the CMI Group has not received any information or notification from the judicial authorities regarding any complaint.

– The CMI Group has always acted in strict compliance with the laws in force in all its sectors of activity. The adverb “illegally” quoted in quotation marks in the press is not only inappropriate but also shocking. Under no circumstances can it be used to describe the activities of the CMI Group.

– CMI Defence is certified by NATO as a supplier of weapon systems, in particular to the Belgian Army. It is also recognized by the American, British and French authorities as a leading technical partner in system development. These partnerships are developed within a strict and highly controlled legislative and regulatory framework.

– In particular, all weapons systems exported by the CMI Group have been exported under the strict framework of export licences granted by the competent authorities.

The CMI Group has been present since 1817 in a wide range of activities: energy, defense, environment, industry, transport and services. Although the defense industry is unpopular in the eyes of some, CMI is convinced of its indispensable nature: States need technological partners to ensure one of their missions, to fight insecurity. CMI reaffirms its pride in being a legitimate and internationally recognized player in this field.

Finally, the CMI Group would like to remind you that, as a corporate citizen, it is committed to its region on a daily basis, with all its employees. We defend employment, preserve the environment and contribute to improving the quality of life of the local community in all aspects that contribute to a population’s prosperity. To do this, we work in good partnership with all local actors, whether they are economic, academic, political, cultural or sporting.