CMI recognized for waste management

CMI recognized for waste management.

November 14th 2012

CMI s.a., the parent company of CMI Group, has been awarded for its selective recycling collection of industrial waste during 2011. This recognition comes from Valipac, the Belgian organization for the promotion and coordination of recycling industrial packaging. This award is a crowning achievement for the waste management actions that CMI has undertaken for several years. In 7 years, CMI s.a. has reduced the amount of waste by 29% and made sorting 100% reliable (zero downgrading in 2011). CMI, of course, intends to continue on its path of integrated waste management. Its objective is to ensure that waste material can become a product.

These excellent results stem from CMI s.a.’s conviction that efficient waste management is important both for its portfolio and for the environment. More generally, this approach is part of CMI Group’s sustainable development policy. It particularly concerns reducing the environmental footprint of CMI and its activities.