CMI makes a further move in the rail domain with the acquisition of CIM (Compagnie Internationale de Maintenance)


December 22nd 2017

CMI has acquired 57% of the shares of CIM Group, specialising in railways. Inheritors of the company founded by John Cockerill, the CMI Group has a long tradition in supplying equipment and services to players in the railways sector. Following the acquisition of Transurb in June 2017, CMI is further expanding its offering by integrating the activities of CIM in the domains of maintenance, the supply of equipment and spare parts, along with the management of large rail and urban transport projects. This French-Belgian transport hub benefits from a wide international reach.

In 1835 the first locomotive built on the European continent rolled out of the factories of John Cockerill to be used on the first continental railway line, between Brussels and Mechelen in Belgium. Ever since then, railways have always formed part of the activities of the company, with developments in numerous countries.

Inheritors of the equipment supplying activities of John Cockerill, the CMI Group has greatly diversified its activities destined for the railways market. With an order book of over 100 million Euros in this sector, CMI is a substantial player in investment projects for rail actors, particularly in Europe and Africa. The portfolio of products and services includes the conception and manufacture of diesel locomotives, the supply, rental, maintenance and modernisation of rolling stock, haulage services, the supply and maintenance of rails, along with the rehabilitation of networks and of maintenance workshops for rolling stock. This portfolio has recently been reinforced by the acquisition of Transurb, an international player in the supply and maintenance of rolling stock and rail lines, in signalling and in driving simulation.

The activities of CIM are extremely complementary to those of the CMI Group. They cover the presentation and supply of rolling stock and rail lines, the conception and supply of automatic docking systems and of maintenance equipment along with the management of large rail and urban transport projects.

CIM will be located within CMI Services, one of the five sectors of the CMI Group. Franck Pasqualini, President of CMI Services: “The French-Belgian grouping formed by CMI, Transurb and CIM is very complementary in terms of activities, and also in terms of commercial networks and subsidiaries, of representative offices and agencies. This transport hub consolidates the historic heart of our activities in the sector and brings together substantial experience and know-how in mounting and financing international projects.  We welcome the staff of CIM into our company”.

Alain Lovambac, CEO of CIM: “The synergies generated by coming together in this way enable us to offer total solutions from the conception, putting into work, manufacture and entry into service, right up to the operation and maintenance, of rail networks and urban transport. We are complementary in both technical and commercial terms, which enables us to be collectively ambitious for the years to come”.