CMI inks contract with Jindal (India) Ltd. for the supply of two new Processing Lines

CMI inks contract with Jindal (India) Ltd. for the supply of two new Processing Lines

July 29th 2016

On May 06th, 2016, Jindal (India) Ltd. has awarded CMI with a contract for the full supply of two new processing lines, a Continuous Glavanizing Line (CGL) and a state-of-the-art Color Coating Line (CCL). Both lines are to be installed at the customers site in Kolkata, India by mid-2017.

Helping the customer to meet rapid growth in demand for steel in India, the Continuous 55% Al-Zn Galvanizing Line has been designed to attain a processing speed of 150mpm and to produce close to 0.15mn tons per year, while the line will process steel strip thicknesses ranging from 0.15mm to 0.80mm, and widths from 750mm up to 1450mm.

Essential components of the new Galvanizing Line are the special chemical roll coater for the passivation after metal coating, and the latest generation of CMI’s patented Blowstab® technology, a state-of-the-art gas jet based cooling and drying system, installed in the jet cooler and the after-pot cooling section. The line is also equipped with a 4Hi Skin pass mill (SPM) for the most-efficient surface preparation and to repress yield point elongation, after which it will be processed on an online tension leveller (TL) for shape correction.

The new state-of-the art Color Coating Line will process strip thicknesses of 0.15mm to 1mm and widths of 750mm to 1450mm, at a processing speed of 90mpm, with a total capacity of 0.135mn tons per year.

The line, aiming at a high level of operating efficiency and eco-friendliness, features CMI’s latest generation of paint coaters to ensure the most accurate and highest-quality surface coating. Other important features are the fully indirect heating oven to ensure a complete curing of the paint coatings, the incineration system for the most effective solvent abatement and the 2 stage heat exchanger, that allows the use of the generated excess heat for the degreasing section of the line.

For both processing lines, CMI is providing the comprehensive range of services from planning, design, manufacture to assembly and commissioning.

While CMI has already supplied Rolling Mills and Rewinding Lines to Jindal (India) Ltd., this project confirms the excellent business relationship with the customer, and further strengthens CMI’s leading position for the complete supply of high-performance processing lines.