CMI Industry to supply a new continuous annealing line to Shagang Group (China)

January 23rd 2012

CMI Industry inked in December 2011 a contract with Shagang Zhangjiagang Yangzi River Cold Rolled Sheet Co. Ltd. (Shagang Group) for the design and supply of a new annealing line. This global integrated supply project involves all CMI Industry technology centers (CMI Processing Lines, CMI Thermline, CMI Greenline, CMI Chemline and CMI Rolling Mills). The line is scheduled to come into operation in August 2013.

This new annealing line will handle cold rolled low carbon steel, ultra-low carbon steel (IF steel) and high strength steel. The finished product will be used for high level construction appliances and for the automotive industry. The line will be installed in Shagang’s cold rolling complex number 1 (Zhangjiagang, Juangsu province, China). This complex is capable of producing two million tons 1420 mm cold rolled steel per year.

Jean-Marc Kohlgruber, President of CMI Industry: “This project further enhances our position as a full package processing line supplier. We’re proud that Shagang Group entrusts CMI Industry for all the main process sections (mechanical, thermal and chemical) of one of the most important tool of its cold rolling complex. We’re also happy to have developed a privileged relationship with this important Chinese customer.”