CMI Industry supplies the European highest capacity galvanizing line to Rivagroup

June 06th 2011

Two years after contract being effective, the continuous galvanizing line (ZIN4) supplied by CMI Industry to Rivagroup for its Novi Ligure plant successfully started in novembre 2010. This line, especially dedicated to automotive exposed quality steel, is the highest capacity line in Europe. It benefits in particular from the latest generation of vertical furnace technology developed by CMI Industry.

CMI Industry delivered this galvanizing line on a turnkey contract basis to Italian company Rivagroup. This is one of the most sophisticated lines in Europe: it combines high capacity (510,000 tons per year, thickness 0.4 to 2.5 mm and maximum width of 2000 mm) with finished products covering the entire upper range, especially those of automotive exposed quality.

Jean-Marc Kohlgruber, President of CMI Industry: “This has been, and still is, an extremely important project for us. It demonstrates our capacity to supply our current and future customers with high technology and high capacity lines dedicated to next generations of automotive steel grades.”