CMI Environment commits to the Cométha project via an innovation partnership with SYCTOM-SIAAP

Cométha, Paris

October 23rd 2018

On september 21st, during the ‘Auditorium du Monde’ in Paris, Syctom (Association for collecting and treating household waste) and SIAAP (Inter-departmental association for the cleaning of the Paris region) formalised their innovation partnership within the context of the Cométha project. With an objective of ‘zero un-recycled waste’, this future co-methanisation process will enable common treatment of sludge emanating from the waste water de-pollution of  SIAAP and the organic breakdown of residual matter from the household waste of Syctom. Doing this together with a suitable process will take advantage of their complementary natures in order to optimise methanisation and produce biogas for increased environmental and energetic efficiency. Quite a challenge!

This event provided the opportunity to present this innovation partnership and its state of advancement,a partnership in which CMI Environment is involved.