CMI Energy wins orders for 3 new HRSGs

CMI Energy wins orders for 3 new HRSGs.

January 29th 2013

CMI Energy’s Erie (PA, USA) Business Unit, won two new Heat Recovery Steam Generator contracts in the last four months. As a result, 3 CMI Energy HRSGs will be constructed at power generation sites in Bangladesh and Brazil.

In October 2012, CMI Energy agreed to provide a single natural gas fired, triple-pressure plus reheat boiler for TSK Electronica y Electricidad. The HRSG will run behind a Siemens SCC5-4000F Gas Turbine and will supply a 450 MW facility located in Ashuganj, Bangladesh.

In November, CMI Energy won a contract to provide two triple-pressure plus reheat, natural gas fired boilers to Siemens Energy, Inc. The units will supply a 580 MW facility in Manaus, Brazil. Delivery completion for this order is expected in 2014.