CMI among Europe’s top high performance digital simulation

CMI among Europe’s top high performance digital simulation.

January 06th 2014

In early November, CMI Defence inaugurated its new facilities on the campus of Ter@tec (Bruyère-le-Chatel, near Paris, France), the European center of excellence in high-performance computer simulation. Created at the initiative of the CEA (Commission of Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies), Ter@tec is a major European player in simulation and supercomputing. It includes more than sixty companies and research laboratories.

After a first installation in Lorraine in 2011, this new facility confirms the expansion of CMI Defence in France, where it deploys its solutions developed for 20 to 120 mm caliber weapon systems for light and medium weight armored vehicles as well as its support services to maintain systems in operational conditions. This Parisian base reinforces its involvement within the network of French weapons specialists. As a reminder, CMI Defence is since 2011 a member of GICAT, the group of French Industries in land defense.

More specifically, the Ter@tec presence marks a new stage in CMI Defence’s development strategy in the modeling and simulation business. It should enable it to consolidate its leading position in the development of onboard simulations (such as its globally-unique plug and play system on turrets), and also on modeling applications for decision-making tools. CMI Defence simulators make it possible to virtually reproduce military theatres of operations and enable squads to operate in a time and space frame that is elastic, controllable, reproducible and analyzable at will. They are, therefore, ideal for technical, operational and tactical training of armed forces.