Bernard Serin purchases the shares of Pierre Meyers in the shareholding of the CMI Group

Bernard Serin purchases the shares of Pierre Meyers in the shareholding of the CMI Group

January 27th 2016

The shareholding of the CMI Group has changed. Through a process of rationalization of the various companies involved in the shareholding of the Group,  Bernard Serin and his family now hold 80.65% of the Group. The remaining 19.35% remain the property of the directors of the Group through the Dodeca sa. company.

Since it was taken over in 2002 by Bernard Serin and Pierre Meyers, the CMI Group has benefitted from a stable shareholding. This stability has enabled a successful industrial strategy to be developed, which has driven the company to the position it enjoys today.

Last summer, Pierre Meyers informed Bernard Serin of his intention, for personal reasons, to bring to an end his term of office within the Group and to sell his participation in the CMI Group. After their discussions together, Bernard Serin offered to Pierre Meyers to take over all of his shares in the Group. This operation was closed in December 2015. Bernard Serin will now take on alone the promise made since 2002 to continue with the industrial policy pursued since that time.

Nicolas Serin, a Board Member since May 17th, 2011, will take on the role of Vice-President. He will also join the Audit Committee and the Appointment and Remuneration Committee of the CMI Group. The operational management of the Group is not affected by this change in shareholding.

Bernard Serin: “I have been extremely happy with these 14 years of joint management. We are now turning a page of the history of CMI. Many more pages remain to be written… I wish Pierre every success and happiness and invite him, right now, to join us in 2017 to celebrate the bicentenary of the Group with us”.