Bernard Serin completes the governing structure of the Group and makes a number of nominations


January 31st 2018

Since 2002, Bernard Serin, majority shareholder of the CMI Group, has been undertaking the dual function of Chairman of the Board and Managing Director.
More recently, in December 2015, Nicolas Serin became Deputy Chairman of the Board with a view to taking over as Chairman when the time was right.
Today following a year 2017 which saw intense operational activity, respectable results, and a highly visible increase in the international reach of the Group – particularly thanks to the celebrations of the bicentennial and to the growth of its portfolio of activities – Bernard  Serin (67) is taking a further step in organising the transition of the Group, with the aim of ensuring its future within a context of continuity.

Jean-Luc Maurange becomes Managing Director

Bernard Serin will propose at the next Board meeting that Jean-Luc Maurange (56) is nominated as Managing Director for day to day management. He will thus join the Board and will preside the Executive Committee (Comex). Jean-Luc Maurange joined the Group at the end of 2013. He has over 30 years of commercial and managerial experience in international environments. Within CMI, he assisted CMI Energy in its recent developments as President of the sector, before taking over the Presidency of CMI Defence.

Yves Honhon joins the Board

Bernard Serin will also propose that Yves Honhon (54) is named as a Director. Yves Honhon has been assisting the work of the Board for 15 years as Secretary General. Now an operational Director, he will bring to the Board both his historical knowledge of CMI and the financial expertise which is indispensable for a Group with high ambitions. Yves will also remain Financial Director of the CMI Group.

Thierry Renaudin becomes President of CMI Defence

Having joined CMI Defence in 2013, Thierry Renaudin (54) familiarized himself with the specific characteristics of this market and the up to the minute technologies which are being developed within it. Well supported by the team in place, he is taking on the Presidency of CMI Defence to ensure that the commercial and operational challenges are successfully met.

Reinforced strategic governance

In addition to the committees already governed by the Board (Audit and Ethics Committees, Management Nomination and Remuneration Committee), Strategy & Innovation committees, presided by Bernard Serin, will review the evolution of each sector on a half-yearly basis.

Bernard Serin: β€œIt has now been 15 years that I have been intensely living through this CMI adventure, with all the passion and energy I could muster. I want to safeguard its future. This is the right moment to take these decisions. I am doing this today calmly, rather than risking obliging others to do it as a matter of urgency. The decisions are deigned to reassure everyone, inside and outside of the Group. With this new way of working, I will continue to assist this transition in a spirit of continuity, with no time limit.”