John Cockerill’s air treatment solutions continue to break into the booming microelectronics market

air treatment pipe on an industrial site

June 12th 2023

Selected for its know-how and in-depth expertise in the electronics market, John Cockerill Environment’s Business Line Air & Gas, specializing in air pollution control and odor treatment, has equipped the brand new French plant of a world-class manufacturer of innovative semiconductor materials, with gas scrubbing installations.

This new manufacturing unit is to produce a new version of its innovative silicon carbide (SiC) substrate in large volumes. Silicon carbide also known as carborundum, is offering significant gains in terms of performance and energy efficiency. It is used for applications in the automotive industry, and in particular to produce the electric vehicles of tomorrow.

It is in this context that our client called on the skills of our experts to supply a complete gas scrubbing installation for the treatment of gaseous emissions related to the production of silicon carbide. All of the equipment, including an air treatment unit with a capacity of 80,000 m3/h and two fans, all in anti-UV treated thermoplastic material, was installed on the roof of the plant. The production of semiconductors requiring high precision, it was highly important to avoid all types of vibration. Therefore our 2 fans have been assembled with “elastic couplings”.

The challenge was a sizable one! Indeed, the production and commissioning of this installation were carried out within an extremely tight deadline and in full co-activity with all the other trades. This was a resounding success for the John Cockerill teams who are supporting manufacturers on their way to electromobility and decarbonization.

air treatment pipe on an industrial site