Africa: CMI Services refurbishes Sitarail (Bolloré Group) locomotives

August 07th 2013

During the first half of the year, CMI Services restored two Henschell brand shunting locomotives for Sitarail (a subsidiary of Bolloré Africa Logistics), operator of railways in the Ivory Coast. The second of these locomotives resumed service this summer.

This rehabilitation was fast and economical. The locomotives were dismantled on site and their trucks were shipped to Belgium where they received state of the art upgrades at the CMI Locos Diesel shops. Other modules were also designed, drawn in 3D, and manufactured. All of this was then sent back to the Ivory Coast and remounted on the chassis under the supervision of CMI Services and in partnership with Sitarail staff.

This testifies to the ingenuity of solutions proposed by CMI Locos Diesel, which has developed a refurbishing process tailored to the needs and constraints of its client.