A Sodium-sulfur battery will complete the MiRIS installation

NaS batteries

January 16th 2019

CMI Energy Storage has signed a strategic partnership with Japan’s NGK to become an integrator of NaS (sodium-sulfur) batteries. This type of battery will be added to the lithium-ion and flow batteries already installed on the MiRIS site. NaS batteries have large capacities, high energy density and a long life. As the world’s largest manufacturer of electrical insulators, since 2002, NGK has been supplying NaS batteries for a total output of 530,000 kW and a storage capacity of 3.7 million kWh.

This new battery will be installed on the MiRIS site in the course of 2019. This technology allows CMI to complete its range of batteries, particularly for longer-term applications with connection to the grid or off-grid applications.