A leading US steelmaker chose John Cockerill for its investment into a new continuous galvanizing line (CGL)

April 05th 2022

John Cockerill Industry is proud of having been chosen by a leading US steelmaker for the company’s investment into a new continuous galvanizing line (CGL). Recognized to operate one of the most advanced state-of-the-art sustainable mills in North America, our client’s goal is to provide the best of integrated and mini mill technology, product & process innovation, and advanced, environmentally sustainable products.

With this investment the US steel producer is further expanding its high-quality galvanized steel capacity, thus paving the way for continued growth. To assist its client in his effort, John Cockerill Industry’s Metals Business Line will provide the necessary innovative technology for this new galvanizing line rated for 400.000 metric tons per year, from its design, its manufacturing and supply to the supervision of the erection & its commissioning.

In an ever-changing steel market, the new CGL will provide a high degree of flexibility by providing hot-dip galvanized strip, coated with either a 100% ZN or a 55% AL-ZN coating. The produced anti-finger-print steel strip is providing both highest surface quality and corrosion protection.

Decisive factors for choosing John Cockerill Industry for this project were our company’s extensive experience in designing and building continuous galvanizing lines, and the provided state-of-the-art technology.

The new CGL is scheduled to start operations by the beginning of 2024 and will be built in the client’s steel mill in the US State of Arkansas.

While for John Cockerill this new contract means the strengthening of its leading position for the complete supply of sustainable and high-quality processing lines, it will allow the client to continue to grow its business in a wide variety of markets.