Press release

John Cockerill appoints a new Chief Executive Officer

6 May 2022
Press release

John Cockerill implements two new initiatives to decarbonize India’s economy

8 April 2022

A leading US steelmaker chose John Cockerill for its investment into a new continuous galvanizing line (CGL)

5 April 2022
Press release

John Cockerill launched BeFlow®, an eco-responsible and competitive alternative to current biological purification processes

31 March 2022

High-power electric charging for a waste collection truck at John Cockerill

30 March 2022

Proud of having been selected by the organizers of this year’s World Water Forum among more than 300 projects!

29 March 2022

The world exclusive Cockerill® i-X, innovative turrets, modularity and simulation in the spotlight of John Cockerill Defense at World Defense Show

6 March 2022

John Cockerill India organises planting of plants and trees for the benefit of local farmers

22 February 2022
Press release

Green Hydrogen: John Cockerill unveils outstanding track record in 2021

21 February 2022

Hyoffwind partners with John Cockerill and BESIX to build a green hydrogen production facility in Zeebrugge

15 February 2022

Homa Bay Water Supply Project (Kenya): clean water as a source of good health

14 February 2022
Air pollution control

Several air treatment installations for one of the world’s leading microchips suppliers

11 February 2022