These Cockerill® 3000 Series benefit in particular from the simulation solutions of John Cockerill Defense supplied under the Agueris® brand. These enable training and practice on both virtual immersive cockpits and embedded simulators.

Turret Welded ballistic aluminum | FullyStabilized
Crew 2 (manned version)
Main armament Mk44, MK44S, XM813 | Single shot – 5 round burst – full auto | 255 30mm rounds in two-drumfeed system
Secondary armament 7,62mm co-ax, pintle mount (7.62, 12,7, 40mm GL)
Ammunition loading External and under armored protection
Anti-tank capability Turret launched AT Systems
External cameras 360° cover
Gun elevation -10° / +60°
D/R/I D10,000/R6000/I3300
Ballistic protection Up to Level 5 STANAG 4569
Protection 8 lance-grenades fumigènes, APS, détection anti-sniper, DAS, FFI, LWD8 smoke grenade launchers| APS, Anti-sniper detection, DAS, FFI, LWD
Sights Commander/Gunner Sights (Hunter/Killer) | Dual axis stabilized| Day/night

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