The 10th edition of the International Technology Meeting has just closed

January 30th 2019

More than 330 technologists from CMI worldwide gathered today at the Palais des Congrès in Liège for their annual meeting.

31 conferences treated subjects as varied as training train drivers worldwide in a 3D environment, optimizing our boilers (some of which are already recognized as the most efficient in the world), mobile buffers insuring optimized safety in the coupling of locomotives with wagons, hydrogen refueling stations to ease transition toward a more sustainable mobility, or the direct production of iron from iron ore with almost no CO2 emissions.

The final conference, this year again given by a prominent external speaker, was dedicated to Smart Cities.

These conferences are at the same time an opportunity to share and spread knowledge and know-how through the Group and a commitment of the Group itself toward a more sustainable world.

We are looking forward to the 11th edition already.