Opening and closing of nuclear reactor tanks

nuclear reactor tanks

A tank opening/closure with partial shutdown consists of placing the tank cover in order to enable refueling and to carry out mechanical and pipework maintenance operations on the whole of the installations in partial shutdown.

John Cockerill Services has developed specific expertise in tank opening and closure operations whatever the planned shutdown may be (simple refueling shutdown, partial or 10-year inspection):

  • Interventions on reactors of type 900 MW – 1300 MW
  • Provision of personnel expert in TVI: televisual inspections
  • Complementary skills used in bolted assembly.
  • Assistance to EDF in the progress approach (safety, security…) by proposing the study, conception and delivery of specific equipment dedicated to tank opening/closure

Our teams are permanently trained internally and externally and have the necessary skills for intervening on nuclear sites. They guarantee the necessary protection measures for operatives and their environment.

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