Nuclear pipework maintenance

Nuclear pipework maintenance

Thanks to our integrated maintenance service, we have the capacity to manage all nuclear valve and pipework maintenance operations, whether preventive, curative or conditioning maintenance, within the context of contracts with results obligation. It should be explained that the results obligation is automatically included in contracts, these are results obligation contracts.

John Cockerill Services offers different types of multi-year contract for reactors of type (900 MW, 1300 MW or 1450 MW. Its teams can intervene, whatever type of shutdown is scheduled (simple refueling halt, partial visit or ten-year visit).

Thanks to our qualified teams, we offer a wide range of services:

  • Management of all spare parts
  • Identification and follow-up of logistics requirements
  • Sequencing of the activities taking into account the safety, security and time requirements imposed
  • Integration of technical support to the customer’s teams for the completion of maintenance records
  • Revision and optimization of dosimetry put into play by the pipeworks
  • Execution of valve material appraisals
  • Proposals for dealing with technical contingencies

The expertise of our John Cockerill Services teams is recognized by EDF. We are a recognised partner of EDF with agreements.

Through its integrated maintenance service, John Cockerill Services has the ability to manage all valve maintenance operations for a partial shutdown.

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