Reheating furnaces for metal sheets, billets and blooms

Energy efficiency and product quality

Our clients’ success in developing new grades of steel requires increasingly advanced process control.

With this in mind, John Cockerill has developed the Optimfl@ame® reheating furnace for semi-finished carbon, stainless and silicone steel products prior to them being hot-rolled. This patented design considerably improves heating quality, energy efficiency, production flexibility and the quality of the product whilst at the same time reducing pollutant emissions. It combines modelling gas flows, calculating the temperature of each material, monitoring and assessing scale formation and analysing gases to ensure complete control over the entire process. Beyond these quality parameters, our latest generation of furnaces also takes into account environmental and operational issues, optimising energy performance and improving the availability and operational flexibility of your facility.

The John Cockerill reheating furnace standardises the thermal gradient of metal sheets, blooms and billets by optimising heat transfer on the surface of the steel, allowing for extreme temperature uniformity whilst preventing the formation of scale and the appearance of skid marks.

Design features:

  • Calibration, configuration and custom management of burners to reflect your needs and use of patented double regenerative burners (DRBs);
  • Low-profile furnace design with discharge chamber;
  • Unique rapid ignition system based on the OnOffSoft® burner control system;
  • Management of scale in the hearth of the furnace, reducing the amount of scale that forms and therefore decreasing the frequency at which the furnace needs to be descaled, thus reducing downtime;
  • RTOP® level 2 expert software – a control system based on physical models depending on the grade of steel in question;
  • SMC® – a Skid Marks Calculation model to improve heating quality;
  • Descalizer®, to reduce scale formation on the heated material.


  • Optimfl@me® with a walking beam (for metal sheets, blooms and billets);
  • Optimfl@me® with a bogie hearth (for billets);
  • Optimfl@me® with a pusher furnace (for metal sheets, blooms and billets).

The key benefits of Optifl@me® over a standard furnace:

  • An annual saving of over 1% of the cost of investment;
  • A 10°C reduction in furnace output temperature, considerably improving the consistency of the end-product;
  • The lowest NOX emissions on the market;
  • A significant reduction in scale both inside the furnace and on the product (+/- 10%);
  • Energy efficiency improved by up to 10%;
  • An annual increase in production of 0.2% with the same furnace capacity.

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