Executive Committee

Operational decisions and respect for values for profitable growth

The Executive Committee formulates proposals for the Board of Directors with regard to strategy, development, monitoring and financing of Group activities. The objective is to ensure its profitable growth. The Executive Committee makes operational decisions for the Group in accordance with the decisions of the Board of Directors and defines the options that John Cockerill representatives will support in the administrative bodies of the subsidiary companies.

The Executive Committee ensures that convergences between the different operating sectors are optimised at the financial, human, technical and commercial levels. It embodies the values and the spirit of John Cockerill and ensures that the Group identity is respected. It also represents the Group with its institutional communities.

The composition of the Executive Committee varies according to the activities of the Group, so as to always guarantee balanced representation of the operational and functional management. In its basic configuration, the Executive Committee is composed of the Chief Executive Officer, operational managers and Corporate function managers.

An extended Comex has been set up to assist the Comex in its work. It is made up of managers representing the Group's different sensitivities in terms of sectors, business lines, expertise and culture.

The members of the Executive Committee
Jean-Luc Maurange Chief Executive Officer
Yves Honhon Chief Financial and Administrative Officer
Jean Jouet Chief Development Officer
Brigitte Coppens ESG & Communication Officer
Joao Felix Da Silva Executive President of John Cockerill Industry
Patrick Paramore Chief Sales and Legal Officer
Franck Pasqualini Executive President of John Cockerill Services
Thierry Renaudin Executive President of John Cockerill Defense
Christophe Cassant Executive President of John Cockerill Environment
Jean Gourp President John Cockerill Asia-Pacific
Michel Vanhaesbroucke Chief Investment Officer & Public Affairs

Anne-Françoise Laime, Director of Strategy and member of the enlarged Comex, is in charge of coordinating the Comex.

The members of the Extended Executive Committee
Eric Absil, Vivek Bhide, Denis Debroux, Alain Desvignes, Thierry Josz, Anne-Françoise Laime, Frédéric Lemaitre, Gilles Poncin, Gérard Purnode, Sébastien Roussel, Carina Sutera Sardo, Raphael Tilot, Manuel Tournet & François Van De Cruyce.
Thierry Renaudin
Yves Honhon
Anne-Françoise Laime
Brigitte Coppens
Franck Pasqualini
Jean Gourp
Jean Jouet
Jean-Luc Maurange
Joao Felix da silva
Michel Vanhaesbroucke
Patrick Paramore
Christophe Cassant

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