The mission of the John Cockerill Group is largely inspired by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. As a socially responsible Group in tune with its times, John Cockerill sets itself ethical principles which are integrated into the governance of the Group.

Within the John Cockerill Group, working in an ethical manner consists of adopting responsible professional behavior which is to the benefit of both colleagues, the enterprise, customers and partners, and also to those public bodies around us and to the planet. Individually and collectively, ethics are applied at all skills levels.

Within the Group, the Ethics Committee takes the lead in the domain of ethics and is made up of members who have been selected for and are recognized for their integrity and their expertise. It organizes the governance of ethics and monitors its correct application within the Group (policy, training, arbitration, surveillance, reporting, sanctioning…).

‘Ethics – Let’s talk about it!’. Among reference support materials, an Ethics Charter and a general policy on ethics practices describe the general framework for the application of a living ethics policy  within the Group. These documents, along with associated training courses, are designed for everybody, from directors and employees to any person mandated to represent the Group.

Available files

Group's ethics policy

Ethics Charter