Smart Water


When information technologies take part in the sustainable and optimized management of the water resource!

John Cockerill Environment has developed innovative solutions for analysis and real time monitoring of the functioning of installations via digital ‘Smart Water’ platforms. The objective is to optimize the management of the whole of the water cycle, the supply sources, right up to the treatment of used water, and not forgetting distribution in the public networks or to industrialists in order to gain in efficiency and performance.

John Cockerill Environment is thus positioned as an integrator of the new 4.0 solutions so that it can offer its clients a complete solution from the design and realization of installations, up to analysis tools and detailed monitoring.  John Cockerill Environment is thus a unique partner which has mastery of and takes charge of the various components of a project.

Volumes of data and advantages

Thanks to the results from analyzing a large volume of data from the ground, Smart Water offers numerous advantages to our clients:

Cost optimization and reduction, great flexibility in configuration and utilization, along with simplified and high quality monitoring and a high capacity to evolve.

Because it is vital to stay ahead of the field today, John Cockerill Environment always sees further in order to respond to the environmental challenges faced by our clients!

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