Nicou TM

electro-dialysis membrane units

Perfected in 1993, NicouTM tubular electro-dialysis has been selected by several large automobiles manufacturers to stabilize the painting baths via cataphoresis.

How does electro-dialysis work?

Electro-dialysis is a dipping procedure used mainly in the automobile industry as an anti-rust primer, but it can also be used by different industries which need to protect metal parts against corrosion. The process consists of dipping the parts in a bath in which are to be found particles in suspension.  The primer, electro-deposited by a continuous current, attaches itself uniformly to the part, including in crevices and on protrusions. This primer will protect the part and thus efficiently fight against corrosion.

The power of innovation of Nicou, a giant in its market, resides in its capacity to take on board the slightest needs of its clients, providing them with entirely made to measure solutions.

John Cockerill branded cells

We continually improve, transform and adapt our cells with the goal of always better responding to the demand of our clients in terms of quality, maintenance and adaptability. The high quality conception which characterizes John Cockerill Environment equipment guarantees our cells a life of more than 10 years. A period during which maintenance is drastically facilitated thanks to our basic spare parts and low weight. All of this is adaptable according to the needs of our clients, whether in terms of dimensions, connections or of the use of existing cells of other brands.

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