Neyrtec®, dehydration of paper industry sludge

John Cockerill Environment designs turnkey equipment and installations for the treatment and dehydration of industrial effluents under the name of Neyrtec®.

Recognized know-how and more than 30 years experience which Neyrtec® use principally in the service of the paper industry.

Perfectly suited to the dehydration of the mixed sludge of the paper industry, the Tasster® screw press from Neyrtec® enables a very high level of dryness to be obtained with low operation and maintenance costs. In order to optimize the use of the screw press, it is possible to add a Neyrtec® RST (Rotary Screen Thickener) drum, enabling the sludge to be thickened upstream of the Tasster® screw press

With more than 500 machines already sold, Neyrtec® benefits from a solid presence and reputation in Europe, America and Asia.

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