Energy efficiency

Realization of your projects from identification of needs up to final reception

Energy efficiency management is nothing new for John Cockerill. For over ten years, the Group has been including this issue in the overall project management missions mandated to it. While yesterday our activities principally targeted waste allied to the thermal processes of ovens, today we see much further. At John Cockerill Environment, we offer up to the minute solutions for optimizing energy efficiency, from conception and implementation, through installation revamping. Our field of activities extends from industrial cooling installations, through industrial air treatment, to fluid cooling, ventilation and circulation processes.  We also offer made to measure assistance in energy environment project management (AMO), along with  pre-project summary and detailed reports (APS, APD). Our leitmotiv: to assist you in your energy performance approaches from audit to putting solutions into service, where innovation in the technologies and methodologies of energy efficiency are at the heart of our strategy.
Training & Audits Energy efficiency project management Solutions
Training Feasibility study Optimization of monitoring and process control
Energy audit and emissions situation GES Implementation Optimization of procedures
Financial and subsidy engineering Recovery and re-use of heat (solid , liquid and gas effluents)