To develop a pioneering service and to anticipate market requirements, John Cockerill Environment has unique tools and expertise in Research & Development.

And to achieve this, we use resources to match our ambitions:

  • a¬†team of highly qualified engineers at your service to meet the widest range of issues with mobile technicians;
  • a laboratory equipped with top-of-the-edge instrumentation: chromatograph, olfactometer, etc.;
    • Ultra-performing chromatographs (Chroma GC-MS et Chroma S et FID) enable pollutants present to be characterized with certainty, a high quality analysis to be obtained in both qualitative and quantitative terms of the pollutants to be treated. Analyses which thus enable suitable treatment systems to be selected and thus guarantees to be given to our clients, or the efficiency of a solution already in place to be determined, and the respect of reject or olfactory impact norms in force to be verified.
    • Dynamic olfactory laboratory
  • a pilot hall with several devices dedicated to optimizing the performance of air handling units and ventilation systems;
  • pilot equipment for rental for feasibility tests, with on-site intervention for monitoring.

We focus our research principally on the optimizing the treatment of odors, chemical pollution and air handling. Characterizing a smell, setting a detection threshold, up to determining the optimal treatment methods both technically and economically… these are possible applications from the expertise of our dedicated service, offering various benefits upstream and downstream of the client process:



– Liquid analysis
– On-site gas analysis
– Ventilation system
– Dynamic olfactometry
– Chromatography
– Dispersion of odors

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