Our vision

Recent changes in regulation, the reduction of technology costs and a growing public interest in reducing CO2 emissions are driving the market towards less polluting mobility solutions.

The sudden increase in demand for new charging points will put pressure on the distribution networks, which will need more and more flexible solutions to absorb these new loads.

Charging hubs

John Cockerill supports fleet operators (vehicles, buses and trucks) in the transition to green mobility.

The IRS team develops charging hubs that combine solar panels, AC/DC chargers and a stationary battery to balance the system.

Optimization software

The charging infrastructure is controlled by an intelligent software developed by John Cockerill. Various data are collected through a secure and efficient communication system allowing real-time monitoring of the equipment.

Computer algorithms and forecasting models optimize the energy flows exchanged between renewable production, battery, consumption site and the electrical network, to which the surplus energy is sold. Thanks to this optimization software, the recharging hub can supply the vehicle batteries with “green” kWh at a competitive price.

High power / fast charging stations for truck and bus fleets

With the rise in diesel prices, 100% electric vehicles are becoming competitive. Even though the range of 100% electric trucks is relatively shorter, there are already shorter routes that can consider this technology.

Conventional AC chargers do not have the power to charge these vehicles. For this reason, John Cockerill is developing “fast charge” installations with chargers up to 350 kW.

To avoid saturation of the network, the installation is reinforced with a battery that can absorb the charging peaks and optimized by software that smoothes the consumption profiles.

John Cockerill now has two 350 kW & 75 kW direct current “fast chargers” available at its headquarters site.

Our references

  • 90 bollards connected to MiRIS, (Integrated Micro Network Seraing)
  • Test fleet of RENEWI waste collection trucks
  • Provision of fast charging stations powered by green energy.

The European Regional Development Fund and Wallonia invest in your future.

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