In Africa, around 600 million people live without electricity. We want to reduce this number and contribute to universal access to electricity !

For communities, we focus on micro-grids and mini-grids to achieve universal access to electricity in a sustainable, cost-effective and rapid manner. Our ideal solution: hybrid power plants combining solar panels, battery storage and generators, as well as our optimizer (Energy Management System) for the most efficient management of the various energy sources.



Operating costs in Africa are much higher than anywhere else. We enable industries to produce sustainable, profitable and reliable way!

Our solutions allow industries to achieve key objectives: reduce the cost of electricity and improve their cash flow, improve the quality and availability of energy, and decarbonize their energy production. While most rely on thermal power to serve their customers, we help them provide electricity in an eco-responsible and cost-effective way: hybridization of existing thermal plants with solar panels and energy storage.

  • For new businesses, we provide innovative thermal electricity production, with flexible generator sets, capable of operating with different types of fuel: dual fuel (diesel + CNG/LNG), biofuel, vegetable oil.
  • For industries with access to biomass and other available waste, we offer the integration of biomass boilers into their industrial process, with the aim of optimizing available resources while reducing their carbon footprint.
  • For industries connected to a weak grid (micro cuts, frequency variation, voltage peak/drop in voltage), our grid stabilization solutions with battery storage guarantee uninterrupted production. No plant shutdown, no production loss!


Our solution to optimize the operation of the integrated renewable solutions that we sell!

Our John Cockerill EMS (Energy Management System) is the result of several years of research and development on our MiRIS test site.

EMS John Cockerill uses algorithms based on artificial intelligence and advanced statistical modelling to optimize the operation of the integrated power plants sold by IRS. Thanks to our optimization algorithms, our customers can select various objectives to improve their activities: CO2 reduction, energy bill reduction, operational costs reduction (fuel saving).

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We are the market leader for the manufacturing of electrolysers!

In this pioneering industry, we have already manufactured electrolysers and storage solutions for nearly 1,000 customers in different industries. Today, John Cockerill Hydrogen offers the most powerful electrolysers on the market, capable of producing up to 1000Nm³ per hour (equivalent to 5 megawatts (MW).

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We are helping Chad accelerate access to electricity. We are installing 2 battery storage systems for mini grids that will provide electricity to 2 towns of 25,000 inhabitants.

1.3MWh lithium-ion battery which will be added to a mini grid together with 1.5MWp of solar panels and 1.2MVA of generators

One of these mini grids will be equipped with the 1st sodium sulfur (NaS) battery sold in Africa! With a power/energy ratio of 250kW/1450kWh, this technology has many advantages:

  • Containerized and modular
  • Discharge time of up to 6 hours
  • Long lifetime

The beneficiaries of this technology will enjoy many hours of electricity, long after the sun has set!

A technology that has been deployed, tested, used and mastered for the past 4 years on the integrated microgrid of our headquarters in Belgium.