The John Cockerill’s approach to integrated renewable solutions

One-stop shop for your energy needs

  1. Energy Audit
    As a first step, the IRS team performs an energy audit in order to assess the client’s needs in terms of power, heat and cold, and the existing and conventional energy supply assets (energy bills, onsite production etc.).
  2. Design of an optimal solution
    Based on this assessment, John Cockerill designs an integrated solution combining the technologies that best addresses the client’s specific energy needs from an economic and environmental perspective. John Cockerill has developed a technical know-how across a wide range of technologies (from battery storage to heat management and hydrogen…) and is able to combine them to offer the most appropriate and optimized solution.
  3. Full EPC offer
    John Cockerill offers and delivers its solutions on a “turnkey” basis, possibly with partners. As an EPC integrator, John Cockerill takes charge of the engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of the adopted innovative energy solutions.

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