Cockerill® LCTS 90MP

Cockerill® LCTS90 MP : the superior light armored vehicles weapon system

The Cockerill® LCTS 90MP is a light two-person crew turret equipped with a powerful Cockerill® 90mm gun and with an advanced autoloader. This Cockerill® LCTS90 MP system delivers high lethality at a very light weight to light armored vehicles. This gun-turret is compatible with a wide range of lighter wheeled and tracked vehicles.

Precision and polyvalence

With its advanced digital, fully-stabilized weapon control system, the Cockerill® LCTS90 MP enables  precise direct and indirect engagements, when moving, by day or by night. Its polyvalent capacities enable the LCTS90 MP system to carry out indirect firing to a range of almost 8 km. The turret has been ‘safety’ certified by the American army, with over 12,000 rounds fired. More than 300 LCTS90 MP turrets are in use across the world.

Manipulability and stability

Rifled for greater accuracy, our 90mm Cockerill® gun is designed to impart a very low recoil force in order to maintain the stability and safety of even the lightest firing platforms. Its very effective anti-armor capability, its general-purpose capability based on HE ammunition make of it a unique weapon, namely the most powerful 90 mm gun ever mounted on vehicles of the 10 to 20 tonnes total weight category.

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Brochure Cockerill LCTS 90LP

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