Virtual Maintenance Training

Virtual Maintenance Training enables both physical training and operational support to be developed. With ever more complex equipment, industrial and military operators have to give greater importance to the training of their maintenance technicians. The classic training method consists of maintenance training using real equipment, which is costly and, above all, dangerous.

Thanks to virtual training, maintenance personnel can try out a process or a procedure under the supervision of an instructor or by themselves, without having to worry about the availability of equipment. A solution which enables the risk of damaging the equipment to be drastically reduced, and which facilitates training in rare and/or complex procedures.

Agueris® Virtual Maintenance Training (VMT) is a 3D training solution on a computer destined for maintenance personnel. Thanks to a strategic partnership with DISTI, world leader in virtual 3D training solutions, Agueris® has developed a virtual interactive training system which enables training o be dispensed on different supports, from computer to tablet, and including virtual or augmented reality.