Cockerill® CLWS 25 & 30

Cockerill® CLWS 25 & 30 turret

John Cockerill Defense is expanding its product range with its new Cockerill® CLWS (Cockerill Light Weapon Station) turret. The Cockerill® CLWS is stabilised and modular (Remote Weapon System) in order to equip light armoured vehicles (4×4, 6×6,…) while integrating significant firepower through a range of calibres such as 25mm, 30x113mm, 12.7mm, 7.62mm coaxial machine gun, rockets and anti-tank guided missiles. The 140 rounds of ammunition ready for firing (25mm) and 200 for the coaxial machine gun make it an ideal system for missions requiring high mobility.

Lightness, modularity and innovation

Its low mass (±600kg) and compact design (height < 600mm with optics linked to the gun) allow to benefit from a low silhouette and limited mass for all types of light armoured vehicles.

The modularity, the strong point of John Cockerill Defense products, allows the Cockerill® CLWS to be configured in different variants according to the missions and to integrate various equipment to increase environmental awareness and active defence through gun-linked or panoramic (360°) optics.

In addition, innovative under-armour reloading from underneath the system and through the armoured vehicle make it a system combining firepower, protection, lightness and modularity. A choice ally for mobility!

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