John Cockerill Fortress
The new frontiers of safety, security and sovereignty


Globally, public and private actors are drastically stepping up their efforts to improve security and safety by relying mostly on new technology solutions to better protect their countries, cities, economies, industrial facilities and citizens.


John Cockerill Fortress has invested in a portfolio of proven solutions optimizing the human-machine interface and bringing the latest approach to security technologies, algorithms, artificial intelligence and much more… In the midst of these major challenges, we want to provide answers for the present and the future that are extremely relevant and effective. We have the ability to address the problem from different angles and the real skills to bring, in a very optimal way, new frontiers of security, safety and sovereignty. At John Cockerill Fortress we areproud to offer those new frontiers, while defending our values of respect for social human, private ethics and above all sustainability for a better world.

Our mission

Being your partner to provide the most relevant technological solutions and systems for the security and safety of your countries, assets and people.

Our portfolio of systems and solutions

At John Cockerill Fortress, we have a deep understanding of this new reality which comes from our proven experience in the field. With our six families of products, in stand-alone or in a multi-layer approach, we cover the large spectrum of safety and security scenarios. Our unique technologies combine networks of sensors, state-of-the-art optics, premium radars, computer vision, biometrics analysis, artificial intelligence… for your peace of mind.

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