Lifecycle management

With a concern for quality and optimization of its systems, John Cockerill Defense accompanies its clients throughout the lifecycle of their Cockerill® weapons systems. Our services start with the conception and development of these systems and continue with putting them into service and maintaining them up to the end of their useful life. Client training is not forgotten, of course.

Our long term support optimizes the total cost of ownership of John Cockerill Defense equipment during the whole of its life. This support includes:

  • Integrated logistics Support (ILS): Cockerill® weapons systems are designed to be easy to maintain and are taken under our charge during entry into service with the client.
  • TLS: our computer-assisted maintenance management optimizes the preventive maintenance of weapons systems. John Cockerill Defense also provides dedicated support in the countries where its systems are to be found along with engineering support for the modernization of systems in use, whether of Cockerill® brand or not.
  • Training and Simulation: John Cockerill Defense develops and provides world class training, both theoretical and practical, covering the full range, including real firing and simulations. Our simulators can be virtual, immersive, mobile, on-board and inter-connected for training at platoon level. John Cockerill Defense also provides sub-caliber training devices for Cockerill® weapons systems.
  • Capacity development: our John Cockerill Defense teams anticipate the constantly evolving demands of modern land armies in terms of fire-power, mobility, and protection. They are constantly aiming to provide an optimal level of capacity and support for new or existing Cockerill® weapons systems.

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